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Doolittle Institute / AFRL RW

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Dec 21, 2022

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Jan 20, 2023
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Autonomous Target Recognition Technical Showcase
Challenge Summary
The goal of the Technical Showcase is to strengthen and broaden science and technology collaborations among industry, academia, and the Department of Defense (DoD) through a monthly topic-focused interchange event. This event series will provide opportunities for industry and academia to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and capabilities to scientists and engineers from the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate (AFRL/RW) and other DoD research labs located throughout the country.
Additional Information
Submission Deadline
01/20/2023 at 12:00 PM EST
  What’s in it for you? This is a valuable market research opportunity for businesses and academic institutions to learn about what technologies the lab has a need for and what context they will be used in. This will help you better prepare your technical portfolio for current and future procurement opportunities. For those businesses/institutions chosen to present at the event, you will be able to initiate a one-on-one dialogue with lab stakeholders which may lead to future collaboration or contract opportunities.

Each month will feature a different research topic and all businesses and academic institutions – regardless of size, age, past performance, or location – are invited to submit an application highlighting their technical capabilities in that field. A panel of technical experts will then select 3-5 businesses/institutions per month to deliver a brief presentation to government stakeholders.

* Businesses/institutions whose submissions do not make it through the review are welcome to contact the Doolittle Institute to discuss next steps and alternate ways of engaging with AFRL/RW.

Participants from industry and academia who are interested in being featured on the technical showcase must submit either a white-paper or a PowerPoint slide deck in accordance with the below guidelines:

White Paper

Applicants may submit one electronic copy (2 pages or less in PDF format) via e-mail summarizing their technical capabilities related to the monthly topic. Any pages over the stated 2-page maximum will not be evaluated.

Additional requirements:

  • Page Size – 8.5-inch x 11-inch
  • Font – 12-point Times New Roman
  • Text may be single or double-spaced.
  • Graphics/diagrams/pictures are welcome.

PowerPoint Presentation

Applicants may submit one electronic copy (5 slides or less in PDF or PPT format) via e-mail summarizing their technical capabilities related to the monthly topic. Any slides over the stated 5- slide maximum will not be evaluated. Graphics/diagrams/pictures are permitted; if a video is embedded, it may be no more than 5 minutes, and the slide it is present on will be included in the 5-slide maximum.

        Submissions will be evaluated and selected based on the following criteria:
  • The clarity, relevance, and compelling nature of the stated goals and objectives.
  • The degree to which the technical approach is appropriate for meeting the stated objectives.
  • The degree to which technical/schedule risks have been identified and accounted for.
  • The proposed solution’s degree of innovation.
  • The assembled team’s expertise and capabilities.
  • The level of relevance to the DoD need.
In addition to the above criteria, it is highly recommended that you include an assessment of your Technology Readiness Level and list any commercial or government stakeholders or customers that you are working with to develop or commercialize this technology.
          Submissions must be emailed to: no later than the submission deadlines found here, on DI website, and communicated via social media.

Please include contact information for a designated POC within your organization in the body of the email.

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